An Announcement

Kimberlie surprised her coworkers with cupcakes today . . .

If you can’t read the message, the ingredients are below:

I’m pretty sure nobody saw this coming, but we’ve actually been planning it for some time! We had a few prerequisites: we needed a larger house and we needed to sell our other house. We needed to get things done that we wanted to do, such as building a pool. We also needed to ensure that our jobs are very stable and the amount that we’ve both been working lately easily confirms that. There are a couple of others as well.

It’s amazing at the reactions of people.  The three most asked questions so far: Have you lost your mind? (probably) Was it an accident? (no) Do you know what you’re having? (a baby)

Tristan wants a brother because he already has a sister and Mackenzie wants a sister because she already has a brother. We’ll see who wins this one!

On or about April 26, we will be OUTNUMBERED!


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