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Feagin Mill Awards Day 2018

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

This morning, we attended the 8th Grade Awards Ceremony at Feagin Mill Middle School.  Tristan received the honor roll award for all A’s.  He also received an award for achieving all A’s during all three years of middle school.

A few hours later, we returned to Feagin Mill for the 6th Grade Awards Ceremony.  Mackenzie also received the honor roll award for earning A’s in all classes. She actually has a 100 average in 3 of 6 of her classes.

Here are photos of Mackenzie with her teachers:

Mrs. Huckabee – Accelerated Math

Mrs. Waller – Science

Mr. Harrell – Social Studies

Mrs. Medalis – English/Language Arts

Mr. McDonald – Band

2018 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

On Wednesday, I drove down to Florida for the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. These first pictures aren’t necessarily you think of when driving through South Georgia, but its what I had to go through — snow!

I spent two hours stuck in this mess between Tifton and Valdosta. My five hour journey turned into a nearly seven hour journey!

Folks in South Georgia have no idea how to drive in the snow. There were accidents and overturned vehicles all over the place.

My poor new car hit 22,000 miles in the snowstorm.

I finally made it to the expo!

After the expo, I went to our hotel. I had an amazing view of Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney.

Because I have run every Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World, I am now a “Perfect Dopey”.

On Thursday morning, it was time for the 5K. It was freezing outside. The temperature was 26 at the start.

Thursday night, the family joined me. Mackenzie ran the 10K with me on Friday morning.

Mackenzie did an awesome job. Out of 168 11-14 year old females, she came in 7th place!

Next up was Rilianne’s 100 meter race:

Rilianne loved running towards Mickey Mouse. She was smiling the whole way!

She topped just before the finish to give Mickey a big hug. She was so excited!

Friday afternoon, we walked around Downtown Disney

On Saturday morning, it was time for the half marathon. Tristan ran it with me.

Here are a few photos from the starting line:

On the way to Magic Kingdom, I found my favorite hot air balloon.

Tristan said when got into Magic Kingdom, he couldn’t stop smiling.

It was a nice run back to Epcot. I passed my favorite hot air balloon again.

Tristan did an awesome job in the half marathon.

After the half marathon, it was time to refuel for the marathon. I think this was a good start.

Later that afternoon, we hit the swimming pool.

Finally that evening, it was time for roasting marshmallows at the hotel’s campfire.

On Sunday, it was time for the marathon.

Running through Champion Stadium at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports:

Running through Hollywood Studios:

Here is the site of the future hub of Disney’s new transportation system:

Once I got back to Epcot, I took advantage of a few more photo opportunities:

At mile 26 (of 26.2), there is always a choir. Hallelujah that race was over. This choir was especially photogenic.

Since it was the 25th marathon, we were surprised with a special set of Mickey ears.

And, here is my annual Dopey photo with all six medals.

On the bus ride back to the hotel, I had the best riding partner!

Washington D.C. Adventures: The White House

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

The highlight, by far, of our trip was our tour of The White House. It took quite a bit of planning on our part because we had a baby and strollers and diaper bags are not allowed. Everything worked out perfectly. It was amazing to be in a place where such a large amount of history has happened!

More posts from our trip:

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St. Thomas, USVI

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

St. Thomas, the capital of the United States Virgin Islands, was the second stop on our seven day cruise. It is, without a doubt, the prettiest place I have ever been.  As you can see from the photos below, the ocean was clear and blue, the islands were green and the weather was perfect!

The entire time we were there, I couldn’t help but wonder why we live in Georgia? St. Thomas is part of the United States. They have grocery stores, healthcare, fast food, a courthouse I could transfer to, etc. This place definitely changed my outlook on life.

We spent the day aboard a catamaran, sailing around the islands. We stopped at a shipwreck to do a little snorkeling and it was absolutely amazing. This vacation is going to be a hard one to top.

And please, no jokes about taking the pregnant girl to the Virgin Islands!

Mackenzie snorkeling

Tristan snorkeling

Me snorkeling

Tristan in front of our boat

Sailing on the catamaran

Sailing on the catamaran

Sailing on the catamaran

Sint Maarten / Saint Martin

Monday, October 13th, 2014

The first stop on our cruise was St. Maarten. Half of the island belongs to the Netherlands and the other half belongs to France. We explored both.  It was amazing to see how the cultures changed just by crossing a line. The signage, customs, language, and everything else changed from English to French.

We took a guided tour by Bernard’s Tours. Our first stop was at Oyster Pond where a random guy would swim out and grab random animals from the ocean. It was really cool!

On the island, there are no snakes, but there are random iguanas everywhere! We stopped at the side of the road to feed a few.

We also stopped at Orient Beach, which was amazing and the French capital Marigot.

Our final stop was Maho Beach. It has been featured on numerous television shows as one of the world’s most dangerous airports. That’s because the runway ends right at a beach. Watching the planes take off and land was definitely the most thrilling part of the vacation!

Garth and Trisha 90s Flashback

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Up until about 1997 I exclusively listened to country music. When I was mowing the lawn as a third grader or driving around the neighborhood on the go-kart as a 14 year old, country music was on always my Sony Walkman. And back in those days, two of the singers who dominated the radio were Garth and Trisha.

For me, every memory has a soundtrack. And many of those soundtracks will always contain Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood tunes.

In high school, I always wanted to see Garth in concert. He was well known for awesome shows.  I was never able to though. My parents just didn’t see the point in driving outside of Macon for a concert that they just weren’t really interested in. He last performed in Atlanta in 1996. Unfortunately I was still a minor, but I swore that I would be there next time. And I’ve also always wanted to see Trisha live. You know she hails from central Georgia just like me.

Fast forward 18 years to 2014: and finally, after all of these years, Garth came back!

Although Kimberlie and Mackenzie saw Taylor Swift a couple of years ago, it has been at least 7-8 years since I’ve been to a concert. I decided that all four of us would go so that Tristan could experience his first concert as well. Mackenzie enjoyed it up until some guy spilled their beer right on her head.

He said he constantly hears “So they have new albums out? That’s great, but I want to hear the old stuff!”  He didn’t let us down and she didn’t either!

I’ve been to many, many concerts (although not recently). This had to rank in my top three. Now that my 90s music is back, maybe we can get a Clinton back in the White House?

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

It’s New Year’s Day again and that means its time to set a bunch of lofty goals for the year. My goal last year was to lose 35 lbs before my 35th birthday. How am I doing? I’m up 5 lbs with just over 6 weeks to go. Can I lose 40 lbs in 6 weeks? No.  It’s just not going to happen. So, these goals may or may never happen either.

This year I’m going to do a few things:

Cut out my addiction to caffiene.  I don’t want to ban myself from having a coke, but I don’t want to set myself up for needing them regularly either. The first two days will be the hardest.

Become a run-streaker.  A run-streaker runs every single day. Rain or shine. Sick or healthy. I plan to do this at the 5K level. Basically I need to run at least 3.1 miles every day for the next year.  I don’t think I’ve ever run 4 consecutive days before, and definitely not 365. There are folks I follow on twitter who haven’t missed a day in 6+ years. And, by doing this I’ll automatically hit my mileage goals.

Improve my race times. I may not hit the PRs that I was getting 2 years ago, but I want to get back in those ballparks.

And, I would still like to get back to my wedding day weight eventually.  I’ll try to check in weekly or so and let you know how I’m doing.


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

I’ve been trying to figure out how I could write a blog post describing Disneyland and how it relates to an east coaster much more familiar Walt Disney World. The two are so much alike and so much different all at the same time. Walt Disney World is so much better than Disneyland in some ways and Disneyland is so much better than Walt Disney World in other ways. I could pretty much write a book on it.

So, to spare you that long comparative essay, I’ll just post some pictures below and tell you that I absolutely LOVED both Disneyland and California Adventure. And, for the east coasters who are planning to visit Disneyland for the first time, I’ll also leave you with a couple of other blog posts I’ve read comparing the two resorts: this one from Passport to Disney and parts one and two from Jen’s “Battle of the Coasts” series over at Eat Sleep Run Disney.

Maybe I’ll come back later to tell you how incredible the quick service food was and how it was served on real plates with real utensils. Or I’ll tell you how much better Pirates of the Caribbean is in California. But for now, once again, I’ll leave you with pictures.

Dumbo Double Dare

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

I’ve mentioned before that my intentions with RunDisney were to be done with the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekends and just run the Disneyland Half Marathon to finally earn a Coast to Coast medal as a grand finale.

However, in true Disney fashion, they add something wonderful to keep me hooked. They added a 10K to the Disneyland weekend and if you ran both, you accomplish the Dumbo Double Dare, earning an additional medal. Of course I was all in!

This weekend, it finally arrived. Also I love half marathons, I think that the 10K distance is the perfect race distance at Disney — where you don’t want to deal with rest and recoveries. Once you’ve established your base over a long period of time, running 6 miles is nothing. Your runs leading up to it are simply workouts instead of training runs (and there IS a big difference).

I think I took Georgia’s weather on the plane with us, because it was unseasonably hot and humid for California. Like 20 degrees above normal.  Other than that, the weekend was awesome. The 10K race course was awesome but the half marathon course was pretty boring once we got out onto the streets of Anaheim. Disneyland just isn’t big enough to contain a half-marathon. I did like running through Angel Stadium though — much better than running and WDW’s Wide World of Sports.

Since that was likely the only time I’ll probably ever run at Disneyland , I stopped and took lots of pictures and that along with the weather is certainly reflected in my race times. Also reflected is the fact that we spent four days opening AND closing the theme parks. You can see some of the photos I took along the course below.

Next RunDisney races: Castaway Cay 5K and WDW Marathon Weekend (my sixth!)

Heads: Carolina, Tails: California

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013


We’re heading to California this evening for a long weekend. We’re visiting Disneyland for the first time where I’ll be participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

See you soon!