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Trinity Woods Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

This afternoon, we went to Trinity Wood’s Easter Egg Hunt and Open House. Rilianne was old enough to participate this year, but Tristan was too old. This summer, Tristan will be a junior counselor instead of a camper.  That means I won’t have to pay for him. And to make it even sweeter, Mackenzie found the prize egg with a free week of camp!

Drury Plaza Hotel in San Antonio

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

This week, my home away from home is the Drury Plaza hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

The 26 story building was originally built as the headquarters for Alamo National Back, which was eventually absorbed by Chase.

The rooms were amazing and the hotel did a great job preserving the lobby and public areas.








Here is the view from the rooftop pool area.







In the basement, the original vaults still exist and are still in use by a small Chase branch.









Brace Face

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

This morning, Tristan was outfitted with some very expensive jewelry. On his teeth.

Here is the “before” photo In about 3 years, I hope to post a very different “after” photo.


We actually went to two different orthodontists. The first wanted over $8,000. We had heard that he was cheaper so we booked it.  After the appointment got closer and after nearly having a panic attack over the costs, we decided to check out a more popular orthodontist, Dr. Spillers.



Dr. Spillers office was over $2,000 less than the first office.  They also have the latest technologies and give you fresh baked cookies and slushies at every visit.  It was a no brainer!






Baby Update

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Kimberlie had her final ultrasound today.  Various parts of the baby, the cord and the fluid were checked and measured. No, we did not catch a glimpse of the parts everyone wants to know about. And, in case you don’t understand that — NO, we still have no idea if it is a boy or a girl.

All of the measurements went well, the head is at the bottom where it should be, the cord has the twists that should be present and the baby’s current estimated weight is 5.5 lbs. One more month to go!

The nursery is coming together as well. We should have a baby monitor delivered tomorrow. And, just like cars, the technology has come so far with baby stuff. The new monitor will look like a little iPhone with a video screen. The camera will pan, tilt, and zoom and best of all I can watch it all on my iPhone and iPad from anywhere in the world!

Between the recent surprise baby shower and me scoring deals all over town, we are starting off with a lot of diapers!

Here are just the size 1 diapers and wipes:

We also have lots of size 2s, 3s, and a pack or two of newborn.

As for clothes, we have lots of white, yellow, and green onesies. We purchased a few of them and others were gifts.

I’m still tracking all of our expenditures so one day I’ll know exactly what an additional child costs!

Atlanta Fun

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

I’m running the Publix Georgia Half Marathon again tomorrow so we decided to come to Atlanta a little early and enjoy some of the attractions.

I’ve been saving coke points for about ten years now and I use my points to redeem attraction tickets. We’ve been to Six Flags twice on free tickets and the World of Coke before as well.  But, since it has been nearly 5 years since our last visit, I cashed in my points for World of Coke tickets again.

Mackenzie actually tried Coke for the first time ever. She thought it was a little weird.

After leaving the coke museum, we walked around downtown Atlanta. Mackenzie saw some Hooter girls hula-hooping and had to join in. She loves hula-hooping!  Let’s hope she doesn’t become a Hooter girl while I’m alive!

Next, we discovered Atlanta’s new streetcar. Since it is still brand new, it is free to ride. It takes you on an approximate three mile loop through Atlanta.

We had a great time being tourists in our own state. And, the only thing we spent money on was parking and lunch!

Goodbye, Camry

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

This evening, we bid farewell to the first car Kimberlie and I purchased together — her Toyota Camry.  It sold in 90 minutes on Craigslist, which along with the 100+ other text messages, calls, and emails,  really makes me believe I priced it too low.   The car tag on the back, “BISTAN”, has been retired. The name, of course, lives on through this web site.

We did have a little sentimental attachment to the car because it was the car in which we brought Mackenzie home from the hospital.   Below are photos of Mackenzie’s first and last ride in the Camry. The two pictures together make me sad!

The guy who bought the car paid in all cash. It was probably only the second or third time in my life that I had that much cash on hand. Mackenzie got into it and decided to write her name out of one hundred dollar bills. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to spell her entire name.  I should have sold the car for more money!

By the way, if you are looking at all of those Benjamins with plans to come rob me, I’m sorry to inform you that it was quickly deposited into the bank — because it was already spent!

Getting Fit

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Yesterday was all about getting fit. First, Mackenzie and I ran the Cantrell Center race. Then, we went out and bought a new car. A Honda Fit. Yes, since we are expanding our family, we decided to get a smaller car!

Actually, with both of us commuting to Macon every day, we have been looking to reduce our fuel expenses. Both of our cars have over 150,000 miles on them and I don’t want to get into a situation where we have to replace both at once.  We haven’t had a car payment in over 5 years and I definitely don’t want two car payments at the same time!

I figure Kimberlie will get this car right now and we will pay it off in about 2.5 years. Then I will get one and we can pay that one off in another 2.5 years. And five years from now, Tristan will be 16 and can have the Honda Fit and Kimberlie can get another. Then, another 2.5 years later, Mackenzie will start driving and she will get whatever I buy next. So we’ll have four cars and only a single car payment the whole time!

I haven’t decided whether to get rid of the Camry or the CR-V, but I’m sure you’ll hear more about it later.

Aside from getting something smaller and more fuel efficient, I want the latest technology. I want bluetooth and Pandora and a backup camera. We haven’t had a new car in 8 years and none of that existed back then!  Kimberlie just wanted leather seats. And, I’m not giving up a moonroof! We managed to get all of the above with the Honda Fit EX-L.

Check out the pictures of the new car below:

Another Birthday Party

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

We sure are doing a lot of birthdays this month:

Mackenzie’s friend

Joshua’s Birthday Bash

My birthday

and now,

My niece’s birthday.

We rode up to Athens this morning and had lunch at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants. Then we went to the party. If you’ve read much of this blog, you know that children’s birthday parties are one of the things I hate most about being a parent!

Check out Mackenzie in her smores gear: a clearance shirt and clearance earrings from two different stores. She is styling in less than $10 worth of clothes and doesn’t even know it!

Baby Takeover!

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

It looks like I’m being kicked out of my office. The baby stuff is starting to slowly takeover and my stuff is slowly moving out. At some point, I have to move all of my running hardware and computer stuff.  And the weight bench and weights. And my old I.T. books. And lots of other junk.

So far, this baby has cost us $1121.77. This includes everything like the three pregnancy tests, maternity clothes, health care deductibles, diapers that were on sale, a baby book and a baby name book, etc. I’ll try to keep a tally here of the costs of a third child. I doubt it will be as inflated as those “It costs $400,000 to raise a child” articles because I’m much more frugal than the average person..

Pregnancy Update

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Today marks 19 weeks of pregnancy. I can’t believe we’re half way to having a third child!

Next week is the 20 week ultrasound, where most people find out the sex of our child.  Not us this time!  We do plan to take the kids though.

We’ve been through lots and lots and lots of pickles at our house. Among other stuff. I posted the first picture below to Facebook, but I didn’t post the second picture. The second picture is the reaction after she heard the shutter click when I took the first. When you are doing something weird in my house and you hear a shutter click, its pretty much guaranteed to go on some form of social media.

We also went maternity shopping a couple of weeks ago. Apparently we spent so much time and money there that it warranted getting a hand written thank you from the salesperson.