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Military Town

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Perhaps one of the hardest parts about living in a military town is seeing your kid’s friends come and go. Mackenzie and Tristan have both made several friends over the past 3 years only to see them move away later.

Over the last few days, our wonderful next door neighbors moved out to follow dad’s military career up to Ohio. Perhaps our paths will cross again someday.


Shortly after, another truck pulled up and unloaded the new residents. They are older and retired, so no new friends for the kids.


Goodbye Train

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Several years ago my stepfather built a wooden train for our yard. It was supposed to have multiple cars and a caboose, but all of that fell apart when my mother died. We actually moved the train with us last July before putting our old house on the market. That was not a fun task.

Today, the train is leaving our home and making the 2.5 hour trek to Athens where it will live at my sister’s house. My kids, sadly, have outgrown it.  And, there’s just not that much space left in our backyard with the new pool.

Closing Time

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Closing Time

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

The Shelby Shack is officially out of our hands. That’s just over a year from the start of construction on the new house.  It took us twice as long to sell our old house as it did to build our new house.

Walking through it for the final time was pretty sad for me. It’s the place where we came after we were married. It’s the place where we brought both of our kids home from the hospital. There are so many memories that we made there: first steps, first words, birthday parties and holidays.  But, there were also the frustrations that come along with home ownership: the occasional plumbing issue, a large lot to maintain, a tornado-damaged fence, a hail-damaged roof, replacing carpet that withstood two toddlers, etc.

The Shelby Shack is now in our rear-view mirror.

Dropping Pace

Friday, January 24th, 2014

This evening, I went out for an easy run in subfreezing weather — day 24 of my run-streak. I had planned to do 5.5 miles, which would have given me an even 130 for the month. I took my phone because there were a few technical issues at work (out of my control) and I wanted to be available should a question arise.

So, I’m averaging an easy 8:40 – 9:00 mile when my phone rings. It’s my real estate agent so I stopped and answered it.  Yes, I answered the phone while running down a 5 lane road in subfreezing weather. She informs me there is an offer on my old house and I ask her if I can call her back in 10 minutes.

You can see what happens next. The red arrow shows the phone call and the spike indicates where I stopped to take the call. Afterwards, my pace drops about 30 seconds/mile as I run home, I didn’t even notice! I did shorten my planned run by a mile.

So within minutes I had a contract on my house, the work issues were resolved, and I hit 129 miles for the month!  That’s a pretty good Friday evening!

Graduation Rates

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Here’s an image that was published today in the local newspaper. The 2013 graduation rates for our local schools and school systems.

The highest in central Georgia is Houston County High School with a 91.7% graduation rate. My kids know that graduating is an expectation, not an option so I’m convinced with me as a parent they will graduate wherever they attend school. But, it sure is nice to have them with peers that will graduate as well.

For Sale: 120 Shelby Court

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Our old house is listed!  Finally! And there are many pictures below.

You can view the listing on

We still have things to do: move the playhouse and train, pressure wash the driveway, and keep the grass neatly trimmed; but we’re getting there.

If you know anyone interested, don’t hesitate to send them our way!

Welcome to Our Paint Paradise

Friday, July 5th, 2013

After moving out of the Shelby Shack, we went back and touched up all of the paint and thoroughly cleaned everything before calling in a realtor. We worked our tails off! Then, we met with the realtor who told us everything needed to be neutralized. No more blue living room walls. No pink, gray, or blue bedrooms. No yellow mud room. We needed to basically repaint the entire house.

So, over the last 2 weeks, we did. Covering up colorful walls with white paint takes many, many coats. It was a lot of work and you can imagine how painful it was for the kids to sit around while we painted with no toys in the house. Luckily, there was still sidewalk chalk at the old house.

We walked outside and died laughing when we saw “Welcome to Paint Paradise” drawn on the driveway!

Below are a few before and after photos. The jungle wallpaper mural in Tristan’s room was perhaps the saddest part. Kimberlie and I thought we were going to get divorced putting it up. Tristan was just 3 and Mackenzie was a very young infant. We had to wait until both were asleep so the project literally took all night. We were tired, ill, and by the end of the project we weren’t happy with each other.

Below is a view from the living room into the dining room. That blue was apparently NOT a neutral color. By the way, this is an after and before photo. I accidentally put them backwards!

And, finally, a view into our bedroom. It was only gray for about a year. I finished painting and doing the flooring last year right before we went on our most recent Disney Cruise.

I’m never painting again. Ever.

The Shelby Shack

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Having two houses gets confusing. Are we going home or are we going home? If I say see you at the house, does that mean Macon or Warner Robins? To solve the problem, we had to come up with nicknames for our two properties: The Shelby Shack and The Madilyn McMansion (or Madhouse).

Calling our old home a “shack” is in no way putting down our friends and neighbors who still live there, but the house is in bad condition right now. The cats are still there, the thermostat is turned way up and there is no furniture. That means lots of shedding and the cat hair blows around like tumbleweed in the desert. Look, here comes another hairnado!

Anyway, for the next few weekends, we’re spending most weekends at the Shelby Shack to get things in order and prepare to list the property. Hopefully soon, it will be in our rearview mirror for the last time.


Monday, June 10th, 2013

Housework seems to never end. With 4500 square feet at two houses in two different cities, there are seven bedrooms, six toilets, two kitchens, three living rooms, four cars worth of garages. four porches, and over an acre of grass and weeds. Add to that all of the laundry from the kid’s summer camp days and trying to prepare meals instead of eating out every evening.  There are also holes to patch at one house and pictures to hang at the other.

For the first two weeks, we didn’t have a trash container at the new house. It is unbelievable just how much garbage you have when moving: boxes, fast food containers, etc. Each day on the way to work, we transported it all back the the old house and disposed of it there. One negative thing about our new city is the lack of a recycling program. For now, we are transporting all of our cans, bottles, and newspapers back to the old house and recycling them there.

Here is how my audio/visual wiring came out. I had the builder’s team run 4 CAT6 cables from the closet to the television along with a component cable. I also had a VGA cable ran to the TV from the living room wall. Below, you can see the wiring/water heater closet along with a photo of the TV hanging on the wall. Yes, that is Jurassic Park playing. The cable guy accidentally gave us all of the movie channels for a few days! In the bottom picture, you can see more of the living room with our new furniture.

It is nice living in a new house. The oven automatically turns off when the timer is done. Everything goes down the toilet in just one flush. The water is always warm even if four people decided to shower at the same time. The rainhead above the shower and the pot filler at the stove are simply awesome. There is no fear of anything like the air conditioner breaking when its 100 degrees outside (and if it does, it’s under warranty). The irrigation system automatically waters the yard. I can monitor power usage via the internet.


Saturday, June 8th, 2013

We have moved! We closed on our house about two weeks ago and started moving immediately. We did all of it ourselves, with a few exceptions. Check me out driving this massive Penske truck!

We had my stepfather help us move the refrigerator and a large picnic table. We also paid someone to move my mother’s piano from his house to ours. And, of course, we had Rooms to Go deliver some new furniture.

Moving sucks. I’ll never do it again.